• Autonomy is enacted in a region other than the capital of a country in the national parliament. Once the law has been approved, elections to the autonomous Parliament are initiated among the parties of the region.
  • The national parliament can appoint a governor, who will receive gold pay for his office and remain in power until by law is assigned to another or cancel the autonomy. If the country's form of government is a republic, the governor will be able to replenish resources and build buildings instantaneously.
  • Autonomies have some self-management and their own coffers. 
  • The taxes and laws applied in the autonomy have their effect differentially in the territory with respect to the national standard, although the national decrees modify and update their state, imposing itself.
  • The Profit division establishes the percentage of the taxes that will stop in the coffers of autonomy. The rest goes to the national budget. This is manually modified by the Minister of Economy, the monarch or the dictator.
  • If you are granted independence, the coffers are now held as a state budget.
  • An autonomy has a distribution of resources that splits the taxes between the state and the autonomy.
There is an error in which it is possible to have a great autonomy of a region

Macro autonomy or great autonomy

  • When several regions are attached to an autonomy, autonomy changes in form, becoming a great autonomy.
  • It works the same as autonomy, but it can adopt a shield and its own name, which must be voted by internal Parliament.
  • A new tab appears with the profile of the great autonomy, since it is not managed from the profile of the region itself as happens with the ordinary autonomy.
  • They cannot be formed by more than four regions, and all of them must be adjacent or at a distance of less than five hundred kilometres between them.
  • Each region of the great autonomy has an independent distribution of resources, with which the same great autonomy may have regions with different values of distribution.

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