A geopolitical bloc is an organization of countries with a leader (usually the founder) and a series of members who have a military alliance.

The members who compose it are nations that cannot attack each other and will be reflected as part of this block, with the same color, in the vision of blocks of the map. The leader of each nation, and no one else, can choose to join (after voting the members of the block) or leave the block immediately.

Diplomatic agreements (military agreement and open borders) are decided by a vote between the Member States, as well as the entry of new members (by majority).

In the votes the leader of each nation participates, contributing a single vote in the Bloc leader elections and in the diplomatic agreements.

The leader can dissolve the block immediately, change the shield, the description and the name. There is a big role in each block and tends to position the leader in the head of decisions. This varies between blocks, however.

There are often channels of communication outside the RR platform for the exchange of information and the organization of wars. Telegram is mostly employed.

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