Buildings are constructions that are made in a specific region to increase their value and improve their world qualification.

Index buildings

The region's indexes are increasing. Each one is specific.

  • Hospitals: Improves the rate of medicine.
  • Military Bases: Improves the rate of military.
  • Schools: Improves the education index.
  • Housing: Improves the development index.

Military buildings

They give defense bonus and initial attack when starting a front from this region to another neighbor.

  • Missile system: Reduces the damage inflicted by the enemy from the neighboring region, up to a maximum difference of 300 buildings (stop increasing the difference and bonus).
  • Naval ports: reduces the damage inflicted by the enemy in maritime wars as do the missile systems. They only have the regions with access to the sea.

Transportation Buildings

They reduce the time it takes for users to travel from one region to another.

  • Airports (land) and recharge stations (Luna): Reduces travel time between two regions, which depends on the total number of airports in both regions. The maximum reduction is 7%, applied to the region with more airports and from it the remainder are allocated. It has a similar effect to the missile system, in attack rather than in defense. Reduces penalty for donating resources between players.
  • Space ports: Reduces travel time between Earth and Moon. The 20 land regions with the largest number of space ports can open against lunar territories.

Special buildings

  • Military academies: The #academia-military-p increases the region's initial damage. It is free and is built daily by users with residency in the region.
  • Power Plants: Supplies Energy (MW) to the rest of the nation's buildings.

Energy system considerations

  • Each plant provides 10MW while buildings consume 2MW, i.e. each plant supplements 5 other buildings of any kind.
  • The only buildings that do not consume MW are the military academy and the housing
  • Users ' homes are not considered as region buildings, so they do not consume energy.
  • A region with higher energy consumption than production does not generate negative effects, only occur when the national energy balance is negative. Those buildings that are not supply with energy will not be counted (as if the region did not have them).

Building construction

  • The Military Academy is built daily through the mission with the same name.
  • The rest are built from the national or autonomous Parliament using the resources of the budget. It is done through the new building law.

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