Border cost

System used from the 04/10/18 to the present day. 

The value of the borders is fixed by region, regardless of their condition or buildings.

The cost applies over all resources, the values per individual region are:

-> Gold: 120kk G/h

-> Money: 120kk €/h

-> oil: 90k bbl/h

-> Ore: 90k kg/h

-> Uranium: 3,600 g/h

-> Diamond: 60 pcs/h

In addition, a plus per residence issued by the leader is applied to border spending for each territory of the nation:

-> Gold: 30kk G/h

-> Money: 30kk €/h

-> oil: 12k bbl/h

-> Ore: 12k kg/h

-> Uranium: 1,200 g/h

-> Diamond: 15 pcs/h

In other words, the formula for each resource in national border spending was:

-> Gold: 150.000.000 x (G/h)

-> Money: 150.000.000 x (€/h)

-> Oil: 102.000 x (bbl/h)

-> Ore: 102.000 x (kg/h)

-> Uranium: 4,800 X (g/h)

-> Diamond: 75x (pcs/h)

x = Number of regions of the nation

Country of 2 regions. Borders

Country of 2 regions. Residence


The departments are national bonuses in weapons, resources or constructions that work their inhabitants of more than 100 of education.

Work them

Once you have reached the level of education stats at 100 you will be unlocked, both in the profile of the most rated department Nation: as in your own mission profile.

You can work 10 points daily, renewing every end of the day.

You can distribute those points freely between the different categories and once you have added 10 points press the Green work button (10/10). It will turn gray with a counter until the end of the day.

To work them you must be located in the territory of the nation in which you want to work the departments.

There are usually some categories marked as priority. These departments are chosen and marked by the nation's leader. They intend to work on these departments on a priority basis.


The bonuses are national in nature, so all regions of the nation benefit from this bonus.

It is a percentage of between 10% and 0% that affects the basal value of that which improve.

That world region with the most points in a department will receive a 10% bonus and the rest of the nations will have a proportional bonus with the maximum points for reference (points/points max. x 10%).

If you have no point worked in that department, your bonus is 0%.

The state must exist for more than 31 days (when changes in government forms are allowed) for bonuses to take effect.

Categories (11)

Resources (7): Gold, petroleum, Mineral, uranium, diamonds, liquid oxygen and helium-3

They improve the performance by X% of the work in the factories of the worked resource, so that more profit is extracted.

This bonus is not reflected in the prediction of work, only appreciated when you work in the mine.

Constructions (1): Buildings

The cost of building new buildings decreases by X%.

The bonus is applied at the time of enactment of the new building law.

Armament (3): Tanks, battleships and space station-

The damage caused by the troops in the wars in which the nation is involved is increased by X%.

In addition, when working in Space station, the travel time between the moon and the country's territories is reduced by X%.

State market

The state market is a trade in which the nations sell the resources of their budget in exchange for state money and buy with that same money offers of resources posted by other countries. It works the same as the players ' market, except for a number of features:

The seller is any parliamentarian who manages to pass a law to sell resources, where the desired offer is indicated. The Minister of Economy, monarch or dictator can do so immediately, just as they can apply on another nation a cancellation of imports (you stop perceiving the offers of that state) or exports (the other State ceases to perceive your offers). Budget resources are being sold in exchange for state money.

The buyer can only be the leader of the nation and the minister or economic adviser (with State budget) or the governor of an autonomy (with autonomic budget) of a state that does not have canceled the exports with the state of the offer. The transaction is done immediately as soon as the offer is accepted. They buy the resources of the offer in exchange for state money.

In addition:

At the time of trading, the offers and demands are much lower, making the fluctuations much more unpredictable and broad. This added that the offers cannot be cancelled by the seller make the investment something impossible, or at least insecure.

Generally, the value of state money is lower than that of user money, so resources appear more expensive than in the market. This is the main reason why you should not donate user money to the budget because it is devalua.


Trading is selling items from the store in exchange for money or buying items from your money. -In RR you can purchase objects and resources in exchange for money ($) in the market. You can also sell them and get money.

The trade is done in the warehouse, in the Work tab selects the values that are found below the whole:

In the store you can select the item you want to swap.


You can buy the amount you want by typing the number of items and clicking buy by:

The offer you offer is the cheapest available. To access the rest select the number of offers available and buy the one you are interested in.


If you want to sell the item select you can place an offer:

Enter the quantity (value less than or equal to the maximum of product per offer) and the price of the unit. Select put offer and it will be added to the world market.

If you select the three point icon you can visit the state market.

If you sell a product, a percentage of taxes will be applied to the money you earn, the market rate. The percentage will be that of the region where you are at that time located, not the residence.

Other data:

Every time you want to put a new offer or modify it on an object there is a cooling period of 5 minutes. Think about it so you don't go wrong writing it.

If you are wrong to write the selling price and the written amount is ridiculously small be quick to cancel it. If you buy it before you do, you will have made a very bad transaction.


The indexes of a region are the values of principal constructions with which this territory counts. A higher value offers greater bonuses to its residents and citizens. Can be found in the region profile, under "Indicators of the region: Indexes":

Indexes 1)

  1. Medicine: Increases the energy points recovered automatically every 10 minutes. This depends on the number of hospitals in the region. Medicine is one of the most quoted and expensive indexes to carry out, so it is sometimes difficult to elevate this index, needless to say that still all regions are chasing the best index.

2. Military: Increases the damage inflicted from the region in case of war, this depends on the number of military bases. This index is somewhat quoted, cheap to raise at first, but expensive to make it to the maximum do not therefore can not say that there are many regions that continue to have the best index.

Values: Increases arithmetically with the level, at a rate of 5% per level.

3. Education: Decreases the time to improve stats. This index depends on the number of schools in the region. It is usually one of the least quoted rates, but it must be made clear that it is easy to raise at the beginning, but it becomes more and more expensive as they are built and reaching maximum level. This index is not one of the most persecuted.

Values: It decreases arithmetically with the level, at a rate of X% per level. 10 to 11 decreases x%, x% with respect to level 1.

4. Development: Increases the money received by the public office in command of the regions. Development Regions 1 May suffer state coups (in addition to revolutions) and this index is contingent on the number of housings. It must be said that it is one of the most quoted at the beginning and very expensive to elevate, so the vast majority does not pass beyond the index 2-3. All regions pursue to have the index at level 2, at least, so as not to receive state coups.


1Underdevelopment Blows and revolutions
2-5Development Revolutions and more Gold
6-11DevelopedRevolutions and more Gold

Index Assignment

The value of the level in a region is attributed to the number of constructions of the specific building type in the world ranking.

I mean:

-> 10% of the regions with more hospitals will have assigned the medicine Index 10, the next 10% will have the index 9 (from 10% to 20%) and thus consecutively with the 4 values of the indexes.

-> Education level 11 is attributed to the region with more buildings (total buildings)

-> Level 11 of health, military and development at the top 5.

-> The value of total buildings is calculated taking into account all the buildings in the region, except missiles and ports, where you will only have the highest of the two in mind.

RANKING of regions with respect to the number of buildings in the specific index

Medical index (hospitals):



Military index (military bases):



Education Index (schools):



Development Index (HOUSING):



Premium Free

Note: Android only

Getting the Premium free is easy and simple if you have patience and luck. Follow the steps to download the application and buy the Premium with the credits:

Download Google Rewards

This is the link of the App, it is in the Play Store and is 100% safe and virus free: link

Hold on

Once downloaded, it's time to wait for the polls to arrive. Keep in mind a number of things:

  • They arrive randomly, you may get 4 in a week and none in a month, or appear to never arrive. There's nothing safe and it depends on chance, but something is something.
  • Make sure that the application notifications are enabled. Polls are usually available 24 hours, if you don't see it and do it in that period you lose the opportunity and the money.
  • Keep the GPS connected and enabled to get you more. In addition, when you touch answer all what yes, it is more likely that the survey lasts longer and give you more money (I know it is not to be honest, but you want to win Eurillos or not?).
  • Don't forget the application; If you have long without receiving any input, or delete cache, or uninstall and reinstall.

Answer surveys and accumulate I go out

To do this you must do it from the RR App available in the Play Store (it is with Google balance). You can download it here: Link

In the tab of your profile select buy Premium and buy your option in the window that opens. Prices:

  • 1 month = €0.69
  • 6 months = €2.79

Deep Exploration

The value of deep exploration of a territory is the maximum limit of resources that the region allows us to have explored at that time (not the maximum of daily exploration, which for gold is always 2500 regardless of the deep exploration value). The greater the value the more you can explore at the same time and you get more performance (you get more resource for energy worked on the explored resource, except if it is gold that takes more money to work).

To serve Deep Exploration

Deep explorations are directly proportional to resource gains. For example, areas that have been fortunate enough to have a high deep exploration of diamond base will be ideal for putting a diamond mine in them, and with the rest of the resources. Depending on the distance from the base scan to the maximum there is a larger or small difference of earnings, for example of 2/27 diamonds to 27/27 which is the maximum, is won 7 times more diamonds, which passed to percentage, is won 700%.

The higher the unit you intend to climb the more expensive is the exploration, being cheaper to increase a point from 2/27 to 3/27 than from 26/27 to 27/27. It is also true that to achieve the maximum allowed exploration value is cheaper if parts of a high value than of a low base value, being of 13,000 diamonds the exploration of 2/27 to 27/27 and 1000 diamonds from 26/27 to 27/27.

But… Can something be done to solve a region with a low exploration index?

Indeed, gains from working the resource can be temporarily increased by applying a law of deep exploration in Parliament.

This law lasts 168 hours, that is to say, 7 days just since it is approved. The law increases its cost according to the Deep Exploration distance based on its maximum exploration. For example, as seen in the image La Rioja has 371/637 gold and the cost would be lower to climb downtown Portugal, which has a basic 337/637.

Where would it be better to place the factories?

  • First, where they leave you… Sometimes you have to work with what is available and not in ideal environments.
  • Second, always look for the highest basic index possible, as we said before, you can go up, but if there is already a region with a high potential, it is easier to work people even if there is no deep exploration. 

Regions with the highest basic index

For gold are:

  • Gibraltar (411/637)
  • Navarra (391/637)
  • Canary Islands (385/637)
  • Aragon (375/637)
  • Basque Country (374/637)

For oil are:

  • Galicia (289/371)
  • Azores (282/371)
  • Centre Portugal (282/371)


  • Canary Islands (300/356)
  • Comunidad de Madrid (297/356)
  • Cantabria (277/356)

For uranium are:

  • Aragon (21/25)
  • Castilla y León (18/25) 

For Diamonds are:

  • Asturias (22/27)
  • La Rioja (18/27)

General considerations

  • Deep Exploration does not increase the 2500 points of gold daily. That's unshakable today.
  • A law can be made by territory and a single resource. A week, when it is finished, it can be re-made from the same resource or from a different one.
  • So many deep exploration laws can be approved as territories have the nation.
  • In the moon the limits of deep Exploration are different: gold (282), oil (no), mineral (367), uranium (19) and Diamonds (32). You always see higher values naturally to those indicated, except in diamonds, so there is no deep exploration as such.


There are several resources in the game, each one has its functions and ways of getting it


  • The most common and simple. According to the translation of the user can have one symbol or another, but all are the same value (there is no currency of countries or anything).
  • It takes to buy other resources, except gold.
  • It can be achieved by working in gold mills.


  • It is the payment currency of the game.
  • It can be achieved by working in gold mills.
  • Can be donated to regions and countries


  • Oil is necessary to create most elements (armament, raise the house level, buildings and more).
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • Can be donated to regions and countries


  • The mineral is needed to create most elements (armament, raise the house level, buildings and more).
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.


  • Uranium is a type of resource, which is necessary to create Anti-radiation, ballistic missiles, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.


  • Diamonds are a type of resource, which is necessary to create Anti-radiation, ballistic missiles, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.

Liquid oxygen

  • necessary for the production of space rockets, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It is only found on planet Earth.

Helium 3

  • necessary for the production of space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It's only found on the moon.

Daily extraction Limit

Each region has a separate daily limit to extract resources. In all regions the limit is the same:

  • 2500 Gold
  • 600 oil
  • 500 Minerals
  • 60 uranium
  • 75 Diamonds

Once reached the resource limit, it is not possible to extract more and the automatic mode of the Premium account stops. The limit is restarted in the end time of the day.


Pollution is the residual radiation value of the region in question. It increases the time it takes to recharge energy naturally, without energy.


  • It is generated due to the damage caused by missiles in a front at a rate of 1 point of contamination by 120 of damage.
  • If the war takes place in the region itself the radiation is present in that same region and this is the epicenter.
  • If the war takes place in another region is the other the epicenter that spreads radiation to your region. The epicenter must be within a radius of 1,500 km or less.

Penalty of energy Recharge

  • The added radiation of the region itself or the contiguous one gives a total value of pollution. This value applies a penalty percentage to the energy recharge with respect to the baseline time (10 min * (1 + x% of 10 min).
  • When the penalty value is greater than 2% (10 min + 12 sec), the energy recharge by consuming energy when working automatically happens before the natural recharge of energy with the penalty, so there is no gold gain by natural recharge Working.
  • In other words, if the contamination is greater than 48.5 (> 2% of penalty) there is no natural recharge of energy while working in automatic. Regardless of the level of medicine in the region you don't earn a surplus of gold by working in the region.
Region with a radiation rate and that is the source of it
  • Radiation penalty formula:
y = 0, 09x ^ 0.8
and: Penalty (%)
X: Pollution (UDS)

Radiation cleaning

  • It can be eliminated at the state level (to put an anti-radiation law against that region in the national parliament) or at user level (with radiation)
  • To clear the radiation from an epicenter select clean epicenter in the Actions drop-down menu in the profile of the specific region. By doing so you will spend radiation from your warehouse at a rate of 1 for every 50 radiation points approximately. You can always buy or manufacture more.

Work experience

Work experience is the value of efficiency with which you work a particular resource. It saves a direct linear relationship (more or less) with what you extract, so with twice the experience you will get twice the resource (or money).

  • You get 1 point of work experience for every 10 of energy worked on the resource you've been working.
    • In the PC version you can hire mentors by spending gold and get 4 or 6 times more work experience for working than without hiring them. The costs are:
      • 1 Mentor (4 points experience): 1g/10 Energía2 Mentors (6 points experience): 2g/10 Power  
  • To have a lot of work experience in a resource, you can transfer experience of a resource (generally gold, which is the most work by default) to the resource that you are interested in working continuously. Select Swap and enter the value of the resource from which you want to transfer (usually from gold) to the resource you want to increase.
  • You spend 75 gold every time you pass work experience from one resource to another, so you don't have to do it with very small amounts.
  • If you spend a lot of work experience at once you run out of experience in that resource and stop being so profitable.
  • Golden rule: Do not make great changes of experience and when you reach the limit of work experience. Never have less than 50k of work experience in gold, or even more. 
  • The limit of work experience per resource indicates the maximum amount of experience you can have in each resource. It is indicated by this formula:
  • 80k + 200 * {Skill Education}
    • At level 100 education there is an experience limit of 100,000 points
    • At level 250 education there is an experience limit of 130,000 points