There are several resources in the game, each one has its functions and ways of getting it


  • The most common and simple. According to the translation of the user can have one symbol or another, but all are the same value (there is no currency of countries or anything).
  • It takes to buy other resources, except gold.
  • It can be achieved by working in gold mills.


  • It is the payment currency of the game.
  • It can be achieved by working in gold mills.
  • Can be donated to regions and countries


  • Oil is necessary to create most elements (armament, raise the house level, buildings and more).
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • Can be donated to regions and countries


  • The mineral is needed to create most elements (armament, raise the house level, buildings and more).
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.


  • Uranium is a type of resource, which is necessary to create Anti-radiation, ballistic missiles, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.


  • Diamonds are a type of resource, which is necessary to create Anti-radiation, ballistic missiles, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It can be donated to regions and countries.

Liquid oxygen

  • necessary for the production of space rockets, lunar tanks and space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It is only found on planet Earth.

Helium 3

  • necessary for the production of space stations.
  • They can be obtained in factories or by buying them in the warehouse.
  • It's only found on the moon.

Daily extraction Limit

Each region has a separate daily limit to extract resources. In all regions the limit is the same:

  • 2500 Gold
  • 600 oil
  • 500 Minerals
  • 60 uranium
  • 75 Diamonds

Once reached the resource limit, it is not possible to extract more and the automatic mode of the Premium account stops. The limit is restarted in the end time of the day.


Pollution is the residual radiation value of the region in question. It increases the time it takes to recharge energy naturally, without energy.


  • It is generated due to the damage caused by missiles in a front at a rate of 1 point of contamination by 120 of damage.
  • If the war takes place in the region itself the radiation is present in that same region and this is the epicenter.
  • If the war takes place in another region is the other the epicenter that spreads radiation to your region. The epicenter must be within a radius of 1,500 km or less.

Penalty of energy Recharge

  • The added radiation of the region itself or the contiguous one gives a total value of pollution. This value applies a penalty percentage to the energy recharge with respect to the baseline time (10 min * (1 + x% of 10 min).
  • When the penalty value is greater than 2% (10 min + 12 sec), the energy recharge by consuming energy when working automatically happens before the natural recharge of energy with the penalty, so there is no gold gain by natural recharge Working.
  • In other words, if the contamination is greater than 48.5 (> 2% of penalty) there is no natural recharge of energy while working in automatic. Regardless of the level of medicine in the region you don't earn a surplus of gold by working in the region.
Region with a radiation rate and that is the source of it
  • Radiation penalty formula:
y = 0, 09x ^ 0.8
and: Penalty (%)
X: Pollution (UDS)

Radiation cleaning

  • It can be eliminated at the state level (to put an anti-radiation law against that region in the national parliament) or at user level (with radiation)
  • To clear the radiation from an epicenter select clean epicenter in the Actions drop-down menu in the profile of the specific region. By doing so you will spend radiation from your warehouse at a rate of 1 for every 50 radiation points approximately. You can always buy or manufacture more.


The warehouse is the inventory where all users keep their resources, weapons, items and energy drinks. From it you can #comerciar in turn with all of them (except Energetics).

  • Here are all your resources and weapons: the ones you have, the ones you don't and how many of each.
  • There is a storage limit for every item in your store. This limit increases with your stamina and the level of your home. You can double your storage space for a week for 400 gold.
  • To access it select in the Work tab The values that are found below the whole and the tab of the store will be displayed
Any store, from any user

In the Warehouse tab you can buy and sell resources, manufacture weapons and exchange gold for energy drinks. Simply select the object and choose the relevant option.


Stats are the skills that one has in the game. You can find them in the player's profile. There are three: strength, education and stamina.


  • The damage inflicted on wars is greatly increased.
  • Slightly improves labor productivity.
  • It reduces the cost of production in weapons.


  • Increases the maximum experience of working in resources (these points greatly increase the working efficiency).
  • Increases the damage inflicted on wars.
  • Reduces the cost of production in weapons
  • From level 100 you can work in the state departments.


  • Reduce The amount of energy spent working and fighting in wars:
    • From the skill level 50 you spend the least amount of energy at work and increase the number of troops possible.
    • From the skill level 75 increases, again, the number of troops possible.
    • From the 100 level of stamina you send as many troops per stroke
  • Increases the warehouse space at a rate of + 1% per level.

Other related elements


  • In exchange for a certain amount of gold or money you can increase by 100 the level of an stat temporarily. The greater the value of the skill, the less the boost time will be.
  • It is recommended to use it only at specific times and preferably the one that consumes money. The golden only in very very serious wars.

Learning Time

  • To level up the stats there is pay with money, do not pay with gold if you have not yet reached the level 150.
  • The time that it will depend on:
    • Level you are in (higher level, more time). Index of education of the region of residence (not in which you are at that time) level of the House (being a maximum of 24/25% at level 99).

Order to raise skills

mina) 1 º-30/
30/302 º-30/30
/503 º-30/50/
504 º-50/50/5
05 º-50/50/100

Rookie Road

From level 100 of the skill, it depends on the objective of each user. If you want to participate in war, raise strength mainly, if you prefer the economic side and produce armament, raise education. Stamina happens to be in a third plane, do not forget it, but do not priorices.

Path of the Warrior

  • Increase strength whenever the improvement time is less than twice the education improvement time or stamina
  • Increase education and stamina at the same time, if the improvement time is less than half the strength improvement time.

Entrepreneur's Path

  • Raise education as first priority, force as second and endure as last option

RR rules

Rival regions has the following rules, very easy to follow. Breaking them can result in a veto-like punishment when talking in chat or making articles.

It is forbidden:

  1. The obscene content in the chat, in the comments or in the articles.
  2. The use of capital letters. Only 50% of your message can be capitali
    zed. "Flood" (make many comments consecutively). This also includes meaningless items, such as "for the mission," or repetitive articles.
  3. Insulting other players, parties and or nations.
  4. To promote Nazism, fascism and hate speech.
  5. Advertise. Except for ads related to the game, as you can advertise your state, your party, your factory, among others, but not more than once every 30 minutes.
  6. Discuss games similar to Rival regions. Still, you can discuss other completely different games.
  7. Placing images or videos with obscene, offensive, threatening, sexually explicit, or advertising content. You will also not be able to post photos of other users without their consent.
  8. Discuss real-world politics and discussion subjects. Howe
    ver, you can create matches with a title and an avatar of real life, but it is forbidden to incite to vote for them in real life by means of chat or articles.
  9. Motivate other players to commit illicit acts.
  10. Place links that lead to suspicious websites, with pirated content, malware, spyware, among others.
  11. Discuss the actions of moderators or administrators in a chat room (unjustified bane, for example). It is only
    allowed to discuss this by using articles and comments from that same article.
  12. Despise, insult or misinform new players.
  13. Ask for money or ask to qualify an item.
  14. To insult directly and unjustifiably the administration or moderation.
  15. Speak in a different language in chat rooms intended for a specific language.
  16. Misuse of a language in the articles category
  17. Using Rival regions/chat/private messages for sale of accounts/money
  18. It is forbidden to use more than two accounts for the same person. Doing so makes Multicounts banned

First Steps

Welcome to LAMBDA and Rival regions. LAMBDA is a discord server that has decided to transfer all its information to this website to make it easier to read and access, without having to have another application. In Lambda, experienced people dump all their knowledge so that new players have less problems adapting to the game. Rival regions, or its acronym RR, is a different game than you have normally played. Don't stress at first when you see so many buttons. To summarize it a lot, RR is a game that has three aspects, political or diplomatic, economic and military:

  • Military, because we find #guerras and strategy of war management, since there may be several simultaneous wars and it is very important to know how to organize a group to do the most damage possible.
  • Economic, because it is possible to develop each region of the game in a specific way. Many #fórmulas are based on the #índices and #edificios that each region can build. There are also several #recursos that are necessary to build, for this there are different #fábricas
  • Political or diplomatic, because just to avoid the first and be able to do quietly the second, you need allies, participate in the different #bloques of the game, groupings of countries.

As you can see, you have a lot of options, you just have to find your place.   And for that we have come here, and now if we can say… 

Welcome to Rival Regions