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Dexheim is a Russian RR calculator that gives you the possibility to calculate the values of: -the costs in gold and time necessary to upload the stats. -the costs of a gold factory. –The damage, calculating the military buildings and your stats. -The cost of buildings. -The value of a region… read more »


Damage formula: [1 + Índice militar/20 + Sistema de Misiles/400 + Puerto naval/400 + Aeropuerto/400 + Academia militar/400 + Fuerza/100 + Bonus de Nación X 3 + (Educación + Aguante + Nivel)/200] X α-Troops damage -> On the other hand, the penalty is subtracted by distance and multiplied by the error variable whose value is random… read more »


TUTORIAL missions Working in a private factory: Description: Work factory. Bounty: 100 gold. Go up to Level 60: Description: Train and gain level experience until reaching level 60. Reward: 500 gold and 16k energy drinks. Learn resistance Skill 50: Description: Increase the resistance to 50. Reward: nothing. Learn resistance Skill 100: Description: Raise the resistance… read more »


The house is a personal building with a level of 0 to 99 that can be built from any level, although it is recommended to start at level 80 or when you have the skills to more than 150. It has two main functions: Increase the capacity of the warehouse, at a rate of 1%… read more »


Rival regions is a mathematical simulator of economics and Policy management aspects in a competitive world against other users. It lacks a fixed objective, and it is your own method of play that determines your role and your goals in this universe. Therefore, depending on your interests or priorities you can classify the actions of… read more »


The warehouse is the inventory where all users keep their resources, weapons, items and energy drinks. From it you can #comerciar in turn with all of them (except Energetics). Here are all your resources and weapons: the ones you have, the ones you don't and how many of each. There is a storage limit for… read more »


Stats are the skills that one has in the game. You can find them in the player's profile. There are three: strength, education and stamina. Force The damage inflicted on wars is greatly increased. Slightly improves labor productivity. It reduces the cost of production in weapons. Education Increases the maximum experience of working in resources… read more »