Dexheim is a Russian RR calculator that gives you the possibility to calculate the values of:

-the costs in gold and time necessary to upload the stats.

-the costs of a gold factory.

The damage, calculating the military buildings and your stats.

-The cost of buildings.

-The value of a region by budget.

what it costs to climb the house.

Subsection: The calculator is in English, Google gives the option to automatically translate from English to Spanish, for me with that translation is enough to understand what puts the calculator


Although there are atypical words, for example "Perks", which refers to the stats or "private buildings" which is the house.

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Damage formula:

[1 + Índice militar/20 + Sistema de Misiles/400 + Puerto naval/400 + Aeropuerto/400 + Academia militar/400 + Fuerza/100 + Bonus de Nación X 3 + (Educación + Aguante + Nivel)/200]

X α-Troops damage

-> On the other hand, the penalty is subtracted by distance and multiplied by the error variable whose value is random (+/-12.5%).

Distance penalty formula:

y = 0, 017683x ^ 0.9

and: Penalty (%)

X: Distance (km)

Maximum distance without penalty: 500km

Formula of penalty to the recharge of energy by pollution:

y = 0, 09x ^ 0.8

and: Penalty (%)

X: Pollution (UDS)

Note: From 48.5 radiation the recharge time is greater than the automatic working time (2%, 12 sec), so it stops getting gold.

Formulas for obtaining level experience by different activities:

Work: y = 100x

And: Level Experience (EXP)

X: Worked power (E)

Stats: y = 100x

And: Level Experience (EXP)

x: New gotten stat level (UDS)

War: y = x/3

And: Level Experience (EXP)

x: Damage produced (UDS)

Resource factories capacity formulas by level and resource:

-Oil: y = 40.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (BBL)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Mineral: y = 40.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (kilo)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Uranium: y = 5.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (g)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Diamond: y = 50,000 x

And: Factory Capacity (PCS)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Note: None of them has a money storage limit (€).

Formula for obtaining work experience by working energy:

No Mentors (normal): y = x/10

A mentor: y = 4x/10

Two mentors: y = 6x/10

And: Work experience (EXP Lab)

X: Worked power (E)

Note: This formula is applicable for both resources and gold.

Nation bonus formula for national points worked in each category of the departments:

x = A/b x 10%

X: National Bonus (%)

A: Points of your nation (UDS)

B: Points of the nation with more points (UDs)


TUTORIAL missions

Working in a private factory:

Description: Work factory.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Go up to Level 60:

Description: Train and gain level experience until reaching level 60.

Reward: 500 gold and 16k energy drinks.

Learn resistance Skill 50:

Description: Increase the resistance to 50.

Reward: nothing.

Learn resistance Skill 100:

Description: Raise the resistance to level 100.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Join a political party:

Description: Join a political party.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Vote in leader elections:

Description: Vote in the presidential elections, which are in Republic and every 5 days.

Reward: 12k energy drinks.

Send troops to any war:

Description: Attack in any of the wars you have.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Mission: Read and qualify any item:

Description: Select an article from the Articles section and hit the arrows.

Reward: 30 gold.

First newspaper article:

Description: Write an article and have positive karma after 12h.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Medal for map History:

Description: Open the map and visit an arrow beyond a year.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Visit the region:

Description: Travel to the indicated region.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Visit the Moon:

Description: Travel to any region of the moon. 

Bounty: 100 gold.

Periodic missions

Building the Military Academy:

Description: Build the Military Academy in your region of residence. It can be done on a daily basis.

Reward: 20 gold and 500 energy drinks.

Working class Hero:

Description: Work in any factory at least once every day. You get the fifth day.

Reward: 4000 energy drinks.

Working in the departments:

Description: Work in the departments of the region where you are at that time. It can be done on a daily basis.

Reward: nothing.



The house is a personal building with a level of 0 to 99 that can be built from any level, although it is recommended to start at level 80 or when you have the skills to more than 150.

It has two main functions:

  • Increase the capacity of the warehouse, at a rate of 1% per level.
  • Decreases the time to improve the skills, at a rate of 0.25% per level.

When to build the house:

  • You need a lot of storage space, this added to the stamina ability lets you shoot your storage space.
  • When you have the skills to more than 150, because it reduces the time needed to study them.
House Panel Example

Limitations of the House

  • It can only be built in a region, that means that if you move your residence you leave the house behind and its benefits.
  • Moving the house is free although it sanctions with 5% of the level of it.
  • If the region where the house is located is conquered, it will lose 10% of its level.


Rival regions is a mathematical simulator of economics and Policy management aspects in a competitive world against other users. It lacks a fixed objective, and it is your own method of play that determines your role and your goals in this universe. Therefore, depending on your interests or priorities you can classify the actions of your character with respect to the area you intend to dominate:


  • Your biggest interest is the economy
  • You seek to possess the largest amount of money and resources, in addition to winning and generating them, in order to be a great economic engine of development of regions or to have as many goods as possible
  • You must improve the house to the maximum, possess numerous factories, trade resources and raise as much as you can the stat of education (also the rest if you intend to produce weapons in a profitable way).
  • Ex: Rockefeller, Elsa,.. 


  • Your greatest interest is war.
  • You seek to do the greatest damage in wars possible to be an important piece for victory on the battlefield.
  • You must make the most of your skills in the style of the warrior's path and accumulate as much gold as you can to stick to the maximum as long as you can. Keep the warehouse full of tanks, battleships and #tropas moles.
  • Eg: Beremot


  • Your biggest interest is politics
  • You seek to govern a huge country and lead a large number of people and regions.
  • You must: win the elections of your country, learn to exercise in the available charges of the game and know the machinery of the same. International and intranational relations are essential.
  • Ex.: Tony de G.O.A.


  • Your biggest interest is the press.
  • You seek to know as many people as possible, if possible dear (but not necessarily)
  • You must publish a huge amount of articles of humor and role, that you follow the whole world and make memes. You can also mark milestones in the history of your community or international for your name to resonate.
  • Eg: Chuti, Einar


  • Your biggest interest is your own pocket and that of your multiaccounts
  • You are looking to sell your services in order to obtain resources and services in return.
  • You must join a mercenary company or found a new one. Accepting and fulfilling orders.
  • Ex: Golden Chaos.

All this is possible thanks to external platforms like Telegram or discord. Of course, these are some specific examples, but you can create your own role in this game yourself. You should already know that RR is going to throw hoops


The warehouse is the inventory where all users keep their resources, weapons, items and energy drinks. From it you can #comerciar in turn with all of them (except Energetics).

  • Here are all your resources and weapons: the ones you have, the ones you don't and how many of each.
  • There is a storage limit for every item in your store. This limit increases with your stamina and the level of your home. You can double your storage space for a week for 400 gold.
  • To access it select in the Work tab The values that are found below the whole and the tab of the store will be displayed
Any store, from any user

In the Warehouse tab you can buy and sell resources, manufacture weapons and exchange gold for energy drinks. Simply select the object and choose the relevant option.


Stats are the skills that one has in the game. You can find them in the player's profile. There are three: strength, education and stamina.


  • The damage inflicted on wars is greatly increased.
  • Slightly improves labor productivity.
  • It reduces the cost of production in weapons.


  • Increases the maximum experience of working in resources (these points greatly increase the working efficiency).
  • Increases the damage inflicted on wars.
  • Reduces the cost of production in weapons
  • From level 100 you can work in the state departments.


  • Reduce The amount of energy spent working and fighting in wars:
    • From the skill level 50 you spend the least amount of energy at work and increase the number of troops possible.
    • From the skill level 75 increases, again, the number of troops possible.
    • From the 100 level of stamina you send as many troops per stroke
  • Increases the warehouse space at a rate of + 1% per level.

Other related elements


  • In exchange for a certain amount of gold or money you can increase by 100 the level of an stat temporarily. The greater the value of the skill, the less the boost time will be.
  • It is recommended to use it only at specific times and preferably the one that consumes money. The golden only in very very serious wars.

Learning Time

  • To level up the stats there is pay with money, do not pay with gold if you have not yet reached the level 150.
  • The time that it will depend on:
    • Level you are in (higher level, more time). Index of education of the region of residence (not in which you are at that time) level of the House (being a maximum of 24/25% at level 99).

Order to raise skills

mina) 1 º-30/
30/302 º-30/30
/503 º-30/50/
504 º-50/50/5
05 º-50/50/100

Rookie Road

From level 100 of the skill, it depends on the objective of each user. If you want to participate in war, raise strength mainly, if you prefer the economic side and produce armament, raise education. Stamina happens to be in a third plane, do not forget it, but do not priorices.

Path of the Warrior

  • Increase strength whenever the improvement time is less than twice the education improvement time or stamina
  • Increase education and stamina at the same time, if the improvement time is less than half the strength improvement time.

Entrepreneur's Path

  • Raise education as first priority, force as second and endure as last option