Residences and work Permits

  • To travel to a place, in the profile of the region of interest, select the "Travel here" button and start to move, which takes a few minutes (the farther you are from the region the longer it takes to travel)
  • However, this is not always possible as most regions have "closed borders" and there is no "immigration agreement" between the country you want to go to and where you are. Selecting the button will stay red and will not allow you to scroll.
  • To be able to travel there you must get either the residence or the work permit, which are requested in the same profile, selecting one of the buttons:
  • Once selected you have to wait for it to be accepted or rejected.

RR rules

Rival regions has the following rules, very easy to follow. Breaking them can result in a veto-like punishment when talking in chat or making articles.

It is forbidden:

  1. The obscene content in the chat, in the comments or in the articles.
  2. The use of capital letters. Only 50% of your message can be capitali
    zed. "Flood" (make many comments consecutively). This also includes meaningless items, such as "for the mission," or repetitive articles.
  3. Insulting other players, parties and or nations.
  4. To promote Nazism, fascism and hate speech.
  5. Advertise. Except for ads related to the game, as you can advertise your state, your party, your factory, among others, but not more than once every 30 minutes.
  6. Discuss games similar to Rival regions. Still, you can discuss other completely different games.
  7. Placing images or videos with obscene, offensive, threatening, sexually explicit, or advertising content. You will also not be able to post photos of other users without their consent.
  8. Discuss real-world politics and discussion subjects. Howe
    ver, you can create matches with a title and an avatar of real life, but it is forbidden to incite to vote for them in real life by means of chat or articles.
  9. Motivate other players to commit illicit acts.
  10. Place links that lead to suspicious websites, with pirated content, malware, spyware, among others.
  11. Discuss the actions of moderators or administrators in a chat room (unjustified bane, for example). It is only
    allowed to discuss this by using articles and comments from that same article.
  12. Despise, insult or misinform new players.
  13. Ask for money or ask to qualify an item.
  14. To insult directly and unjustifiably the administration or moderation.
  15. Speak in a different language in chat rooms intended for a specific language.
  16. Misuse of a language in the articles category
  17. Using Rival regions/chat/private messages for sale of accounts/money
  18. It is forbidden to use more than two accounts for the same person. Doing so makes Multicounts banned