Border cost

System used from the 04/10/18 to the present day. 

The value of the borders is fixed by region, regardless of their condition or buildings.

The cost applies over all resources, the values per individual region are:

-> Gold: 120kk G/h

-> Money: 120kk €/h

-> oil: 90k bbl/h

-> Ore: 90k kg/h

-> Uranium: 3,600 g/h

-> Diamond: 60 pcs/h

In addition, a plus per residence issued by the leader is applied to border spending for each territory of the nation:

-> Gold: 30kk G/h

-> Money: 30kk €/h

-> oil: 12k bbl/h

-> Ore: 12k kg/h

-> Uranium: 1,200 g/h

-> Diamond: 15 pcs/h

In other words, the formula for each resource in national border spending was:

-> Gold: 150.000.000 x (G/h)

-> Money: 150.000.000 x (€/h)

-> Oil: 102.000 x (bbl/h)

-> Ore: 102.000 x (kg/h)

-> Uranium: 4,800 X (g/h)

-> Diamond: 75x (pcs/h)

x = Number of regions of the nation

Country of 2 regions. Borders

Country of 2 regions. Residence

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