The departments are national bonuses in weapons, resources or constructions that work their inhabitants of more than 100 of education.

Work them

Once you have reached the level of education stats at 100 you will be unlocked, both in the profile of the most rated department Nation: as in your own mission profile.

You can work 10 points daily, renewing every end of the day.

You can distribute those points freely between the different categories and once you have added 10 points press the Green work button (10/10). It will turn gray with a counter until the end of the day.

To work them you must be located in the territory of the nation in which you want to work the departments.

There are usually some categories marked as priority. These departments are chosen and marked by the nation's leader. They intend to work on these departments on a priority basis.


The bonuses are national in nature, so all regions of the nation benefit from this bonus.

It is a percentage of between 10% and 0% that affects the basal value of that which improve.

That world region with the most points in a department will receive a 10% bonus and the rest of the nations will have a proportional bonus with the maximum points for reference (points/points max. x 10%).

If you have no point worked in that department, your bonus is 0%.

The state must exist for more than 31 days (when changes in government forms are allowed) for bonuses to take effect.

Categories (11)

Resources (7): Gold, petroleum, Mineral, uranium, diamonds, liquid oxygen and helium-3

They improve the performance by X% of the work in the factories of the worked resource, so that more profit is extracted.

This bonus is not reflected in the prediction of work, only appreciated when you work in the mine.

Constructions (1): Buildings

The cost of building new buildings decreases by X%.

The bonus is applied at the time of enactment of the new building law.

Armament (3): Tanks, battleships and space station-

The damage caused by the troops in the wars in which the nation is involved is increased by X%.

In addition, when working in Space station, the travel time between the moon and the country's territories is reduced by X%.

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