Deep Exploration

The value of deep exploration of a territory is the maximum limit of resources that the region allows us to have explored at that time (not the maximum of daily exploration, which for gold is always 2500 regardless of the deep exploration value). The greater the value the more you can explore at the same time and you get more performance (you get more resource for energy worked on the explored resource, except if it is gold that takes more money to work).

To serve Deep Exploration

Deep explorations are directly proportional to resource gains. For example, areas that have been fortunate enough to have a high deep exploration of diamond base will be ideal for putting a diamond mine in them, and with the rest of the resources. Depending on the distance from the base scan to the maximum there is a larger or small difference of earnings, for example of 2/27 diamonds to 27/27 which is the maximum, is won 7 times more diamonds, which passed to percentage, is won 700%.

The higher the unit you intend to climb the more expensive is the exploration, being cheaper to increase a point from 2/27 to 3/27 than from 26/27 to 27/27. It is also true that to achieve the maximum allowed exploration value is cheaper if parts of a high value than of a low base value, being of 13,000 diamonds the exploration of 2/27 to 27/27 and 1000 diamonds from 26/27 to 27/27.

But… Can something be done to solve a region with a low exploration index?

Indeed, gains from working the resource can be temporarily increased by applying a law of deep exploration in Parliament.

This law lasts 168 hours, that is to say, 7 days just since it is approved. The law increases its cost according to the Deep Exploration distance based on its maximum exploration. For example, as seen in the image La Rioja has 371/637 gold and the cost would be lower to climb downtown Portugal, which has a basic 337/637.

Where would it be better to place the factories?

  • First, where they leave you… Sometimes you have to work with what is available and not in ideal environments.
  • Second, always look for the highest basic index possible, as we said before, you can go up, but if there is already a region with a high potential, it is easier to work people even if there is no deep exploration. 

Regions with the highest basic index

For gold are:

  • Gibraltar (411/637)
  • Navarra (391/637)
  • Canary Islands (385/637)
  • Aragon (375/637)
  • Basque Country (374/637)

For oil are:

  • Galicia (289/371)
  • Azores (282/371)
  • Centre Portugal (282/371)


  • Canary Islands (300/356)
  • Comunidad de Madrid (297/356)
  • Cantabria (277/356)

For uranium are:

  • Aragon (21/25)
  • Castilla y León (18/25) 

For Diamonds are:

  • Asturias (22/27)
  • La Rioja (18/27)

General considerations

  • Deep Exploration does not increase the 2500 points of gold daily. That's unshakable today.
  • A law can be made by territory and a single resource. A week, when it is finished, it can be re-made from the same resource or from a different one.
  • So many deep exploration laws can be approved as territories have the nation.
  • In the moon the limits of deep Exploration are different: gold (282), oil (no), mineral (367), uranium (19) and Diamonds (32). You always see higher values naturally to those indicated, except in diamonds, so there is no deep exploration as such.

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