Factory Auctions

Auctioning is to publish a factory in order that other players bid for it and reimburse you a certain amount of gold.

  • At auctions, which are on the Start tab by selecting the three points, you can bid on factories (other users for gold), gold (from the administrator for money) or Premium (from the administrator for money).
  • From here you can see the offers, the time to maturity (usually in the end of the day) and bid on them.
  • You can auction a factory from your factory profile, in edit mode.
  • It must be of level 100 or higher and will be selected depending on the market and the availability with respect to the resource of which it is, prioritizing those of higher level.
  • At the end of the day the mines are accepted to auction and the application cannot be cancelled (while the auction is still pending).
  • Other players (you can't bid on your own auction) Start bidding on your budget until the bidding ends at the end of the next day (after 24h). However, every bid that is made at the last minute of the auction postpones 30 seconds the end of it, so it can lengthen for a few more minutes.
  • The best bid takes the item and the price is immediately charged from the winning user's budget.
  • Once a factory has been purchased there is a minimum sale time of 3 months. If it is auctioned again within that period the profits in gold are penalized by 20% of the price of sale, which ceases to perceive it that the auction.
  • If you want to move the factory, you can only move within each map (do not jump between Earth/Moon/Antarctica), but you can do it from the first moment of your purchase.
  • Occasionally, the administrator auction 3 days Premium and a certain amount of gold in the same way, although generally this price is very inflated and does not come out profitable.

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