Multicounts or secondary accounts are parallel profiles to your main account that give you more versatility and capabilities in the game. You can use them for all those tasks that you can't or don't want to do with your main account, or what you want to duplicate to generate a greater effect.

  • A maximum of two accounts are allowed with one mail each. A third will be banned if you get caught, which is pretty likely if you're as jinx as a server.
  • Sometimes there are bugs and the system captures that you have more accounts than you have. If you have been banned unjustly try to clear cache, the phone's RAM (or close what is related to the game) and connect the airplane mode a few moments. After this, disconnect the airplane mode and re-enter the game. If it does not work contact the technical service at this link:
  • If you delete the account to create another account make sure to clear cache and completely unlink this account from your device or you will be banned by Multiaccount. It is not necessary for the account to disappear completely, simply that it is not linked to your usual device.

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