First Steps

Welcome to LAMBDA and Rival regions. LAMBDA is a discord server that has decided to transfer all its information to this website to make it easier to read and access, without having to have another application. In Lambda, experienced people dump all their knowledge so that new players have less problems adapting to the game. Rival regions, or its acronym RR, is a different game than you have normally played. Don't stress at first when you see so many buttons. To summarize it a lot, RR is a game that has three aspects, political or diplomatic, economic and military:

  • Military, because we find #guerras and strategy of war management, since there may be several simultaneous wars and it is very important to know how to organize a group to do the most damage possible.
  • Economic, because it is possible to develop each region of the game in a specific way. Many #fórmulas are based on the #índices and #edificios that each region can build. There are also several #recursos that are necessary to build, for this there are different #fábricas
  • Political or diplomatic, because just to avoid the first and be able to do quietly the second, you need allies, participate in the different #bloques of the game, groupings of countries.

As you can see, you have a lot of options, you just have to find your place.   And for that we have come here, and now if we can say… 

Welcome to Rival Regions

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