Forms of writings in articles

In this guide you will be able to see the methods that can be used in the writing of the articles, from how the underline is put up as it can enlarge the letters or change of color.

Let's start with the basics:

B ➟ puts the thick text


I ➟ puts the text in italics


U ➟ puts the underlined text


➟ Selects An image or text and then click here, you can enter a URL to Redirect to another site. If it is text it will be automatically highlighted.

Example: I want you to subscribe to my newspaper and tie it up for you to do.

Text ➟ Subscribe AquíU
RL ➟

[]Subscribe here ➟[/url]

in the mobile puts the text in a square with black background with alignment to the right and on PC but without black background. Te
[quote]xt ➟ [/quote]

puts the text of another style with a marquee and overrides the other options in the article. Pressing this button would look like this ➟
Text alignment icons
 ➟ These are the types of alignments that we can insert in the text, to the left, to the right, centered or justified.

-Alignment to the Izquierda

-alignment to the Derecha

-alignment CentradoCe

ext JustificadoJust
[justify]ificadoRR ➟[/justify]

puts the text with the source of the game.
[rr] Text[/rr]

Videos and photos

Insert Videos icon

➟ Click here and insert the code from the YouTube video, you can take it from the URL.

Example: I want to share a YouTube video.
Icon to insert images in PNG format

➟ Clicking here you can insert the URL of an image or GIF

[img]Image URL or GIF[/img]

Example: URL ➟

[img]I. Imgur. com/3Ow5naO. gif [/img

If you want to share an image or GIF that you have saved/or you can insert a link and upload/or from several platforms.
I do it from which is faster and safer.


V ➟ Here you have to put the title of the public survey that is going to be d
one. VA ➟ Here you have to put the closed survey title that is going to be done
. V ➟ here you have to put the answer.

[vote]Are you learning? Y[/vote]

Are you learning?



# ➟ Insert a #hastag.


Colors and sizes

➟ sizes to increase or decrease the size of the text you have to do the following:

[size=Tamaño de la fuente que deseas px]Text[/size]



➟ colors to change the color of the letters you can do the following:

[color=nombre del color]Text[/color]





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