Damage formula:

[1 + Índice militar/20 + Sistema de Misiles/400 + Puerto naval/400 + Aeropuerto/400 + Academia militar/400 + Fuerza/100 + Bonus de Nación X 3 + (Educación + Aguante + Nivel)/200]

X α-Troops damage

-> On the other hand, the penalty is subtracted by distance and multiplied by the error variable whose value is random (+/-12.5%).

Distance penalty formula:

y = 0, 017683x ^ 0.9

and: Penalty (%)

X: Distance (km)

Maximum distance without penalty: 500km

Formula of penalty to the recharge of energy by pollution:

y = 0, 09x ^ 0.8

and: Penalty (%)

X: Pollution (UDS)

Note: From 48.5 radiation the recharge time is greater than the automatic working time (2%, 12 sec), so it stops getting gold.

Formulas for obtaining level experience by different activities:

Work: y = 100x

And: Level Experience (EXP)

X: Worked power (E)

Stats: y = 100x

And: Level Experience (EXP)

x: New gotten stat level (UDS)

War: y = x/3

And: Level Experience (EXP)

x: Damage produced (UDS)

Resource factories capacity formulas by level and resource:

-Oil: y = 40.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (BBL)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Mineral: y = 40.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (kilo)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Uranium: y = 5.000.000 x

Y: Factory Capacity (g)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Diamond: y = 50,000 x

And: Factory Capacity (PCS)

X: Factory Level (UDS)

Note: None of them has a money storage limit (€).

Formula for obtaining work experience by working energy:

No Mentors (normal): y = x/10

A mentor: y = 4x/10

Two mentors: y = 6x/10

And: Work experience (EXP Lab)

X: Worked power (E)

Note: This formula is applicable for both resources and gold.

Nation bonus formula for national points worked in each category of the departments:

x = A/b x 10%

X: National Bonus (%)

A: Points of your nation (UDS)

B: Points of the nation with more points (UDs)

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