Guide Music in articles

1) Select the following link, which will take you to a page in Cyrillic:

2) Below you will find the following search engine. Write the keywords of the topic you are looking for and pray that you are on the page. Search = NCKATb

3) Select the link that best suits you by selecting the black icon of the same one (black box with the quavers in blue). When opened in a larger format, the dark icon is re-selected.

4) Selects the generated link that appears as a link in blue (sometimes takes a few seconds to turn blue). You'll be downloading the song.

5) to get the link simply select the link for a while, or open it on a new page of Google Chrome and copy the URL or copy it directly.

6) Add in your article the link generated between the following comm Link if the next player appears in advance view and you can play the song when you select the play will be all in order.

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