Independence of a region

Independence is the emancipation of a region of a state for its birth as a new state. It is a process with established steps that can be terminated in a legitimate state or in its annexation to another state. Culaquier region outside the peace period can begin in the independence process.

The independence of a region is achieved in several ways:

Independence Act

The law of independence for the region (non-capital) is approved in the Parliament of the nation of origin.


You win a revolution in the region to become independent. They must attack from within, in the region itself, and win the battle to the defenders.

Coup d'etat

A coup d'état is won in the region to become independent. They must attack from any place and win the battle to the defenders.

Independent region

Once the region becomes independent it suffers the following changes:

Stop belonging to a state, there is no government or parliament. Borders open, anyone can travel there and get residence in the region. This makes it enter the period of peace, which lasts 7 days. In this interval, no attack can be initiated in which this region is involved, but those opened earlier are still ahead. If the independent region conquers a territory, both regions form an independent country that follows the same process of independence.

Independence process

0 days-independence begins, borders are open and the residence can be obtained by traveling to the area. New parties can be founded, even if the old ones remain.

1 day-parliamentary elections begin in the region. Those who meet 24h of residence will be able to vote for existing parties in the region at the time of the elections.

2 days-The parliamentary elections end and Parliament is functional. Laws may be passed by majority after 24h or immediately at the time of reaching the absolute majority.

Securing a Region

Accounts need to be mobilized to seek residency in the first 24 hours of independence and to create a party in the region in order to be the most voted in the first parliamentary elections.

Once we have managed to control Parliament, take the votes out of Parliament and try to pass the laws to close borders and form a state as soon as possible.

    -> If Parliament is not yet in control, enter as many accounts as possible before the closure of borders and the formation of the state, since it is still possible to enter and get the residence for later elections.

    -> To close the borders, there is a need for a budget to supply its expenditure, or it will be reopened.

    -> You can recharge gold through ordinary laws, which despite being slower will give a first push to the national budget. This one appears once the state has formed, without any resource.

Once the law of shaping State is adopted, the presidential elections will begin to form a government. Residents over 24h will be able to vote. The next day, the winner will lead the government for the next 5 days, so it controls who comes in and can begin to normalize the management of the new state.

Future of the state

Since the creation of the state until this region can be consolidated or attacked, a seven-day peace period must be spent. After this date the owner of the region can be changed. The State Government is a republic. It may only be amended to other forms of government once the state has reached 30 days.

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