The indexes of a region are the values of principal constructions with which this territory counts. A higher value offers greater bonuses to its residents and citizens. Can be found in the region profile, under "Indicators of the region: Indexes":

Indexes 1)

  1. Medicine: Increases the energy points recovered automatically every 10 minutes. This depends on the number of hospitals in the region. Medicine is one of the most quoted and expensive indexes to carry out, so it is sometimes difficult to elevate this index, needless to say that still all regions are chasing the best index.

2. Military: Increases the damage inflicted from the region in case of war, this depends on the number of military bases. This index is somewhat quoted, cheap to raise at first, but expensive to make it to the maximum do not therefore can not say that there are many regions that continue to have the best index.

Values: Increases arithmetically with the level, at a rate of 5% per level.

3. Education: Decreases the time to improve stats. This index depends on the number of schools in the region. It is usually one of the least quoted rates, but it must be made clear that it is easy to raise at the beginning, but it becomes more and more expensive as they are built and reaching maximum level. This index is not one of the most persecuted.

Values: It decreases arithmetically with the level, at a rate of X% per level. 10 to 11 decreases x%, x% with respect to level 1.

4. Development: Increases the money received by the public office in command of the regions. Development Regions 1 May suffer state coups (in addition to revolutions) and this index is contingent on the number of housings. It must be said that it is one of the most quoted at the beginning and very expensive to elevate, so the vast majority does not pass beyond the index 2-3. All regions pursue to have the index at level 2, at least, so as not to receive state coups.


1Underdevelopment Blows and revolutions
2-5Development Revolutions and more Gold
6-11DevelopedRevolutions and more Gold

Index Assignment

The value of the level in a region is attributed to the number of constructions of the specific building type in the world ranking.

I mean:

-> 10% of the regions with more hospitals will have assigned the medicine Index 10, the next 10% will have the index 9 (from 10% to 20%) and thus consecutively with the 4 values of the indexes.

-> Education level 11 is attributed to the region with more buildings (total buildings)

-> Level 11 of health, military and development at the top 5.

-> The value of total buildings is calculated taking into account all the buildings in the region, except missiles and ports, where you will only have the highest of the two in mind.

RANKING of regions with respect to the number of buildings in the specific index

Medical index (hospitals):



Military index (military bases):



Education Index (schools):



Development Index (HOUSING):



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