Military training

  • Military training allows for experience to cause war damage in a simulator without danger of causing diplomatic conflicts.
  • You get enough experience in exchange for troops (money), and if it is intensive by many troops and energy (gold).
  • To start military Training Select the Wars tab and the blue button that puts "military training"
  • To attack select the Send my troops button from either front (in military training does not matter), select the troop you want to use and press attack, which is any of the lower buttons (red, blue and Green buttons):
  • In military training no matter the front in which you do damage, as it is a simulation.
  • The troops launched in the attack and the available in the warehouse for future attacks are shown. Even if it is a simulation the cost of troops is real and they are discounted from your inventory. Also spending on energy.
  • The Medal of the war activity is recharged every hour and allows to inflict an attack with the energy meter to the maximum without spending energy or gold.

Attack modes

  • Red: Manual blow. You launch a single attack manually. You can recharge the energy bar every 10 minutes by spending energy or waiting for it to recharge more slowly passively and attack with the energy you have.
  • Blue (Premium): Blow FullAuto or maximum damage. It attacks every 10 minutes, spending Energy (gold). Maximum damage by spending 180 gold per hour.
  • Green (Premium): Hit Autohour or once per hour. He attacks every hour using the War Activity medal. Constant damage without wasting energy or gold (troops only).
In the case of military training and being Premium, we recommend the Green option: Blow Auto-hour

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