TUTORIAL missions

Working in a private factory:

Description: Work factory.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Go up to Level 60:

Description: Train and gain level experience until reaching level 60.

Reward: 500 gold and 16k energy drinks.

Learn resistance Skill 50:

Description: Increase the resistance to 50.

Reward: nothing.

Learn resistance Skill 100:

Description: Raise the resistance to level 100.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Join a political party:

Description: Join a political party.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Vote in leader elections:

Description: Vote in the presidential elections, which are in Republic and every 5 days.

Reward: 12k energy drinks.

Send troops to any war:

Description: Attack in any of the wars you have.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Mission: Read and qualify any item:

Description: Select an article from the Articles section and hit the arrows.

Reward: 30 gold.

First newspaper article:

Description: Write an article and have positive karma after 12h.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Medal for map History:

Description: Open the map and visit an arrow beyond a year.

Bounty: 50 gold.

Visit the region:

Description: Travel to the indicated region.

Bounty: 100 gold.

Visit the Moon:

Description: Travel to any region of the moon. 

Bounty: 100 gold.

Periodic missions

Building the Military Academy:

Description: Build the Military Academy in your region of residence. It can be done on a daily basis.

Reward: 20 gold and 500 energy drinks.

Working class Hero:

Description: Work in any factory at least once every day. You get the fifth day.

Reward: 4000 energy drinks.

Working in the departments:

Description: Work in the departments of the region where you are at that time. It can be done on a daily basis.

Reward: nothing.

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