Pollution is the residual radiation value of the region in question. It increases the time it takes to recharge energy naturally, without energy.


  • It is generated due to the damage caused by missiles in a front at a rate of 1 point of contamination by 120 of damage.
  • If the war takes place in the region itself the radiation is present in that same region and this is the epicenter.
  • If the war takes place in another region is the other the epicenter that spreads radiation to your region. The epicenter must be within a radius of 1,500 km or less.

Penalty of energy Recharge

  • The added radiation of the region itself or the contiguous one gives a total value of pollution. This value applies a penalty percentage to the energy recharge with respect to the baseline time (10 min * (1 + x% of 10 min).
  • When the penalty value is greater than 2% (10 min + 12 sec), the energy recharge by consuming energy when working automatically happens before the natural recharge of energy with the penalty, so there is no gold gain by natural recharge Working.
  • In other words, if the contamination is greater than 48.5 (> 2% of penalty) there is no natural recharge of energy while working in automatic. Regardless of the level of medicine in the region you don't earn a surplus of gold by working in the region.
Region with a radiation rate and that is the source of it
  • Radiation penalty formula:
y = 0, 09x ^ 0.8
and: Penalty (%)
X: Pollution (UDS)

Radiation cleaning

  • It can be eliminated at the state level (to put an anti-radiation law against that region in the national parliament) or at user level (with radiation)
  • To clear the radiation from an epicenter select clean epicenter in the Actions drop-down menu in the profile of the specific region. By doing so you will spend radiation from your warehouse at a rate of 1 for every 50 radiation points approximately. You can always buy or manufacture more.

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