Premium Free

Note: Android only

Getting the Premium free is easy and simple if you have patience and luck. Follow the steps to download the application and buy the Premium with the credits:

Download Google Rewards

This is the link of the App, it is in the Play Store and is 100% safe and virus free: link

Hold on

Once downloaded, it's time to wait for the polls to arrive. Keep in mind a number of things:

  • They arrive randomly, you may get 4 in a week and none in a month, or appear to never arrive. There's nothing safe and it depends on chance, but something is something.
  • Make sure that the application notifications are enabled. Polls are usually available 24 hours, if you don't see it and do it in that period you lose the opportunity and the money.
  • Keep the GPS connected and enabled to get you more. In addition, when you touch answer all what yes, it is more likely that the survey lasts longer and give you more money (I know it is not to be honest, but you want to win Eurillos or not?).
  • Don't forget the application; If you have long without receiving any input, or delete cache, or uninstall and reinstall.

Answer surveys and accumulate I go out

To do this you must do it from the RR App available in the Play Store (it is with Google balance). You can download it here: Link

In the tab of your profile select buy Premium and buy your option in the window that opens. Prices:

  • 1 month = €0.69
  • 6 months = €2.79

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