Rival regions is a mathematical simulator of economics and Policy management aspects in a competitive world against other users. It lacks a fixed objective, and it is your own method of play that determines your role and your goals in this universe. Therefore, depending on your interests or priorities you can classify the actions of your character with respect to the area you intend to dominate:


  • Your biggest interest is the economy
  • You seek to possess the largest amount of money and resources, in addition to winning and generating them, in order to be a great economic engine of development of regions or to have as many goods as possible
  • You must improve the house to the maximum, possess numerous factories, trade resources and raise as much as you can the stat of education (also the rest if you intend to produce weapons in a profitable way).
  • Ex: Rockefeller, Elsa,.. 


  • Your greatest interest is war.
  • You seek to do the greatest damage in wars possible to be an important piece for victory on the battlefield.
  • You must make the most of your skills in the style of the warrior's path and accumulate as much gold as you can to stick to the maximum as long as you can. Keep the warehouse full of tanks, battleships and #tropas moles.
  • Eg: Beremot


  • Your biggest interest is politics
  • You seek to govern a huge country and lead a large number of people and regions.
  • You must: win the elections of your country, learn to exercise in the available charges of the game and know the machinery of the same. International and intranational relations are essential.
  • Ex.: Tony de G.O.A.


  • Your biggest interest is the press.
  • You seek to know as many people as possible, if possible dear (but not necessarily)
  • You must publish a huge amount of articles of humor and role, that you follow the whole world and make memes. You can also mark milestones in the history of your community or international for your name to resonate.
  • Eg: Chuti, Einar


  • Your biggest interest is your own pocket and that of your multiaccounts
  • You are looking to sell your services in order to obtain resources and services in return.
  • You must join a mercenary company or found a new one. Accepting and fulfilling orders.
  • Ex: Golden Chaos.

All this is possible thanks to external platforms like Telegram or discord. Of course, these are some specific examples, but you can create your own role in this game yourself. You should already know that RR is going to throw hoops

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