Stats are the skills that one has in the game. You can find them in the player's profile. There are three: strength, education and stamina.


  • The damage inflicted on wars is greatly increased.
  • Slightly improves labor productivity.
  • It reduces the cost of production in weapons.


  • Increases the maximum experience of working in resources (these points greatly increase the working efficiency).
  • Increases the damage inflicted on wars.
  • Reduces the cost of production in weapons
  • From level 100 you can work in the state departments.


  • Reduce The amount of energy spent working and fighting in wars:
    • From the skill level 50 you spend the least amount of energy at work and increase the number of troops possible.
    • From the skill level 75 increases, again, the number of troops possible.
    • From the 100 level of stamina you send as many troops per stroke
  • Increases the warehouse space at a rate of + 1% per level.

Other related elements


  • In exchange for a certain amount of gold or money you can increase by 100 the level of an stat temporarily. The greater the value of the skill, the less the boost time will be.
  • It is recommended to use it only at specific times and preferably the one that consumes money. The golden only in very very serious wars.

Learning Time

  • To level up the stats there is pay with money, do not pay with gold if you have not yet reached the level 150.
  • The time that it will depend on:
    • Level you are in (higher level, more time). Index of education of the region of residence (not in which you are at that time) level of the House (being a maximum of 24/25% at level 99).

Order to raise skills

mina) 1 º-30/
30/302 º-30/30
/503 º-30/50/
504 º-50/50/5
05 º-50/50/100

Rookie Road

From level 100 of the skill, it depends on the objective of each user. If you want to participate in war, raise strength mainly, if you prefer the economic side and produce armament, raise education. Stamina happens to be in a third plane, do not forget it, but do not priorices.

Path of the Warrior

  • Increase strength whenever the improvement time is less than twice the education improvement time or stamina
  • Increase education and stamina at the same time, if the improvement time is less than half the strength improvement time.

Entrepreneur's Path

  • Raise education as first priority, force as second and endure as last option

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