Trading is selling items from the store in exchange for money or buying items from your money. -In RR you can purchase objects and resources in exchange for money ($) in the market. You can also sell them and get money.

The trade is done in the warehouse, in the Work tab selects the values that are found below the whole:

In the store you can select the item you want to swap.


You can buy the amount you want by typing the number of items and clicking buy by:

The offer you offer is the cheapest available. To access the rest select the number of offers available and buy the one you are interested in.


If you want to sell the item select you can place an offer:

Enter the quantity (value less than or equal to the maximum of product per offer) and the price of the unit. Select put offer and it will be added to the world market.

If you select the three point icon you can visit the state market.

If you sell a product, a percentage of taxes will be applied to the money you earn, the market rate. The percentage will be that of the region where you are at that time located, not the residence.

Other data:

Every time you want to put a new offer or modify it on an object there is a cooling period of 5 minutes. Think about it so you don't go wrong writing it.

If you are wrong to write the selling price and the written amount is ridiculously small be quick to cancel it. If you buy it before you do, you will have made a very bad transaction.

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