Vote in Parliament

Vote in Parliament

The passage of a law is the process by which a bill is adopted or disposed of.

There are three types of law approval:

Immediate law

It is accepted as soon as it is proposed. You can only do it a government charge, and with certain laws.

Ordinary law

It requires 50% of the positive votes to be approved. Most laws are approved this way.

Special law

It requires 80% of the positive votes to be approved. Only the law of proclamation of dictatorship and hegemonic party require approval in this way.

General considerations

A law is automatically approved at the time when 50% (or 80% in special) of the total of the Chamber ratifies it. If there are empty seats you take the total of the camera as the seats occupied at that time.

This vote cannot be rectified once it has been voted on. If you leave the party with which you get the seat and you cease to belong to parliament your vote disappears, although it recounts if you enter the party again (or you get a seat in Parliament) as long as the vote continues.

If a party disappears or ceases to belong to the nation of Parliament, the members who hold the seat lose it and their votes disappear from the laws. Parliamentarians cannot return to their seats since that party, but they do from another.

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