Work experience

Work experience is the value of efficiency with which you work a particular resource. It saves a direct linear relationship (more or less) with what you extract, so with twice the experience you will get twice the resource (or money).

  • You get 1 point of work experience for every 10 of energy worked on the resource you've been working.
    • In the PC version you can hire mentors by spending gold and get 4 or 6 times more work experience for working than without hiring them. The costs are:
      • 1 Mentor (4 points experience): 1g/10 Energía2 Mentors (6 points experience): 2g/10 Power  
  • To have a lot of work experience in a resource, you can transfer experience of a resource (generally gold, which is the most work by default) to the resource that you are interested in working continuously. Select Swap and enter the value of the resource from which you want to transfer (usually from gold) to the resource you want to increase.
  • You spend 75 gold every time you pass work experience from one resource to another, so you don't have to do it with very small amounts.
  • If you spend a lot of work experience at once you run out of experience in that resource and stop being so profitable.
  • Golden rule: Do not make great changes of experience and when you reach the limit of work experience. Never have less than 50k of work experience in gold, or even more. 
  • The limit of work experience per resource indicates the maximum amount of experience you can have in each resource. It is indicated by this formula:
  • 80k + 200 * {Skill Education}
    • At level 100 education there is an experience limit of 100,000 points
    • At level 250 education there is an experience limit of 130,000 points

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