The work is based on transforming energy into resources or money, working in a mine, on the Work tab. This energy can be recharged naturally or by consuming energy drinks (and indirectly gold).

Important points: 

  1. By working gold in a low-radiation region you are able to regenerate gold (between 100 and 230 in a whole day, depending on the medicine index of the region where you work). It can only be worked when gold is explored, which is done by the governor or the minister of economy manually up to a maximum of 2500 points per day.
  2. It is advisable to do so in a region where the gold lasts long (but then you have to move to another) and has the highest possible rate of medicine (> 7).
  3. Always choose the best-paying factories, which do not necessarily have to be those of higher level (fixed salary higher than the percentage of the largest, for example).
  4. You need level 60 to work other non-gold resources. Working on these resources does not refuel the energy and you will be playing gold.
  5. It costs 75 gold to transfer work experiences, preferably from exp in gold to any other resource (the one you go to work). Do not spend a lot of exp or you will be without good efficiency in gold or little or you'll have to spend many times 75 gold.
  6. The maximum power to recharge at the counter is 200, 300 if you are Premium. It can be done manually every 10 minutes or automatically if you are premium.

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